The Journey

People + Passion + Knowledge + Resources = Non-Profit Performance

It takes each of us to ``Make A Difference.``

The launch of Donate4Change (D4C) is the first step in the journey.  Right now, our primary goal is to raise financial resources to support the Mission of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).  There is an immense variety regarding the projects and scope of ISPI, its members, its partners, its Chapters, and its consultants.  The science-based approach and the methodology of  Performance Improvement enables us to really have an impact not only on people and organizations but also on communities.   If you want to strengthen communities, YOU, ISPI, and D4C together will make a real difference.  Moving together to support and strengthen ISPI to strengthen non-profit performance to strengthen our communities will finally  enable us to tell the story of our shared impact together.


Donate4Change knows Relationships Matter! We can proudly say we are helping to lead a Performance Improvement revolution in the way non-profits can grow and innovate.


Having passion for something Donate4Change believes is a great thing. Having passion for performance is something Doante4Change and its team members live every day.


More than 1700 experts and professionals from many fields, are willing to contribute their KNOWLEDGE to strengthen non-profit performance.


What we are trying to do at the HEART of Donate4Change is raise money to strengthen the International Society for Performance Improvement to pursue its mission and to set-up a hub with the goal to provide pro bono consulting for non-profits.