Dear Friends,

It is with great joy I share the news of the launch of Donate4Change with you.  It has been an exciting summer as we were working through the process of partnering with the International Society for Performance Improvement to evolve into the most flexible crowdfunding platform. Today, we have found a sweet spot in our ability to serve the International Society for Performance Improvement in raising the necessary funds to continue in their amazing work in not only being the resource that yields products and services the members, advocate members, and partners value most but also in continuing providing pro bono consulting to non-profits. This next chapter reflects this.

We are so very proud to have joined forces with a society like the International Society for Performance Improvement where “Being Better Matters.”  ISPI as the leading society for performance improvement and Donate4Change partnered because both are known for the caring members and partners who believe making a difference and serving matters. As we grow with the support of a society like the International Society for Performance Improvement behind us, we hope you will become a major part of our community as well. We invite you to visit our webpage at to learn more or to make a donation.

In our new partnership, I personally will work with the ISPI community through education, partnership, and fundraising.  Our goal is to raise the necessary financial resources for the International Society for Performance Improvement to expand their amazing work that includes developing the society into a hub for pro bono consulting to non-profits.

If you have questions or comments, I am always available to chat with you. We will continue to keep in touch as this journey evolves. In the meantime, if you have any immediate needs regarding your membership with ISPI or future membership that go beyond fundraising we can now help with that too, so just ask!

Thank you for your support.

All the best,

Valerie Bernard, Ph.D., Founder


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I have recently had the pleasure with a strong introduction to the ISPI family, I must say I had no idea a community as this existed! I’m so honored and grateful for such an organization! Thank you Klaus and big thank you Valerie Bernard for this Introduction! I strongly recommend anyone taking their business, connections and goals seriously consider a contribution and please ask questions to further enhance your lives and engage with this community.

Kelli Locatelli

This is great. I had the pleasure working on the first community service project. Enjoyed working with a team of PI Professionals and a wonderful client. Thanks ISPI for taking the lead and continue the work you are doing in the community.

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