We are so excited to share with you that Donate4Change’s Blog is now live.  We have been working the past several months along with the amazing help from the ISPI Board of Directors on creating an all new website and branding for the philanthropic campaigns to raise monies to support and strengthen non-profit performance through pro bono consulting. Initially, Donate4Change is raising operational support funding for ISPI.  With the new look and brand of Donate4Change we are starting fresh with a fundraising campaign that is sure to make each of us as ISPI members very proud.  With a brand name like Donate4Change, you can expect we will have lots of great CHANGES coming your way in the months to come.

Our tagline for Donate4Change is “Investing in Supporting & Strengthening Non-Profit Performance.” With this being said, we cannot wait to carry your ideas into ISPI’s new endeavor.

We encourage you to hop on over to the website, take a look, explore, and let us know what you think about the new blog as well.

Art Paton, Senior Manager, Global Quality Learning with Baxter International, Inc. has graciously agreed to be our Manager of Engagement for the blog, and he will be reaching out to our Advocate partners in the next few weeks with some exciting ideas! We want to hear from everyone as we are going to be building the D4C Blogging Team, and we will need your feedback as we want to provide a forum to revealing some of the amazing “Best Kept Secrets” to our future funding partners.

Our new motto is rooted in creating a forum to talk about change and philanthropic projects where you and/or your organizations are currently investing time and seeing results.  We want to hear about the amazing impact ISPI members are making doing pro bono consulting around the globe.  The concept behind Donate4Change’s blog is to provide a place to Create. Connect. & Collaborate. All of these things are why the D4C blog was started.

We encourage you to hop on over to the website, take a look, explore, and let us know what you think! You could visit the blog at www.donate4change.com.  Under the connect tab, and then press room, you will find the Blog.

A special thank you to Art Paton for his willingness to take the lead on this new Blog!

We can’t wait to see what’s to come.

All the best,

Valerie Bernard, Ph.D., Founder


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This is great. I suspect you are going to be the change in assisting so many philanthropic projects in raising awareness and monies. I for one am passionate about the many homeless programs. Thank you for being the change and making a difference.

Great news. The future is looking brighter!

Awesome! Wish you all the best

Donate4Change is such an exciting company as it is designed to help philanthropic organizations be more successful. Providing a forum for ISPI members to share about their Pro Bono efforts will be motivational and inspirational to all who read about the wonderful efforts of the ISPI members! Congratulations to Art as the new Manager of Engagement for the D4C blog!

Congratulations Donate4Change and Art Paton for taking the next step toward change and philanthropy.

This is a great forum to capture positive stories of how ISPI members impact the lives of others.
Donate4Change can help strengthen and improve the way non-profits perform which in turn helps everyone!

Great News! The future looks brighter!!

CHANGE – we resist it; we’re so comfortable. We know what we have and where we are, so it’s scary to let go and CHANGE. What if we slip backward? What if we….fail? Isn’t it great that we have people and associations like Valerie and ISPI to help is through to a higher plane! It isn’t so scary, even if it may be a risk. CHANGE and grow. Thanks very much so being there for us, Valerie and ISPI!

Allison Presley
September 6, 2016 8:11 pm

This is exciting. As a beneficiary of philanthropic fund raising, I appreciate those who are dedicated to improving the fund raising process. Thank you!

Philanthropy is the backbone of any great society as we have been admonished to care of the poor and needy. However, the monies that “we” give often have to be used for a variety of other services and less goes to the intended. People like Valerie and organizations like ISPI allow more of the money raised to go to the cause while they assist each organization in being that much more efficient in what they are doing. This is a win-win for all and I am laud them for what they do. This blog will help reach many more so that they too can understand this great work. Thank you!

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