I am a member of an organization that donates time, talent and money to worthy causes. The causes feed people and provide housing assistance in a large US city. I am unable to work directly with either organization as they help others. Both operate a great distance from my home.

The ability to help others can come from our direct assistance, like people who help build homes for Habitat for Humanity. The feeling of providing direct labor to finish a new home for a family who has never had a home of their own provides those who help with a soaring joy.

Another kind of help for others comes from work done at a distance. It is the checks we write to provide money. It also can be the work we do to write, telephone and influence others to provide what is needed. For some, there is an opportunity to apply their experience and skills to the things that need to be done.

ISPI regularly selects organizations that help others to improve the systems, processes, methods and skills. These improvements directly benefit the people served by the organizations. We have read about and may even work with many of the organizations that help people in need. Our ability to directly work with them is limited by time and distance. We need a way to extend our reach.

Donate for Change provides a way to provide money and professional skills to organizations that help others and have no way to pay for the services of performance improvement experts. You can help Donate for Change today. Sign up. Donate. Offer time at the next opportunity to help organizations who help others, do a more efficient and effective job, to multiply their results, and extend our reach to help others.

Arthur Paton
Engagement Manager
Donate for Change

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