Donate4Change™ is proud to support the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) in raising operational support funding to carry out the ISPI mission.  Why does ISPI exist? What is the reason for doing what they do? ISPI knows that “Being Better Matters.” ISPI helps people and organizations make a difference to their co-workers, their clients, their communities, and the world.  How? By providing strategies for effective and universal improvement, ISPI is helping individuals create bigger impact, make greater contributions, and ultimately make the world a better place to be.

ISPI has a long-term goal of being the hub for pro-bono consulting for non-profits.  We are a little way from achieving this dream; however, we are optimistic with your support the dream will soon become a reality.  The reality right now is general operating funds to support ISPI.  In all actuality, the amount of time a non-profit spends on trying to figure out who is paying for what and under which program, ISPI is spending their time actually helping individuals to improve outcomes and expanding programs.

General operating support is essential to all organizations, and ISPI is no different.  The International Society for Performance Improvement will use the funds generated from the Donate4Change™ campaign to meet budgetary gaps, for projects, and to support infrastructure.  What is infrastructure? It is also known as overhead, and overhead for ISPI includes minimal office space, utilities, and other line items that keeps the “lights on” as an example.  So, this is what we have heard for years. OVERHEAD. Really? Donate4Change™ believes what is known to the general public as overhead now should be “core support” or “critical infrastructure”.  Donate4Change™ believes unrestricted funds allows for less talk and more action.  ISPI is a part of the solution.  Without unrestricted funds, ISPI cannot run its program.

The challenge facing most non-profits is they are focused on raising money for specific programs and projects and while doing so, they lack the funds they need to support an infrastructure.  It is important to remember CORE SUPPORT and CRITICAL INFRASTRUCUTRE is a cost for all non-profits and while ISPI most definitely accepts restricted gifts and donations, ISPI is committed to the mission and looking for donors who understand how this mission fits the priorities and good judgment of the organization.

We believe every donor is important; however, the level of our reporting requirements is in correlation with the level of the gift.  If you make a relatively small contribution, we are positioned to send reports reflecting the accomplishments and learnings of ISPI.  If a substantial contribution is received, and if you are involved in co-creating a specific project or program with ISPI, we are more than happy to provide you with customized reporting within reason.

The revolution will start with us, and we invite you to fasten your seatbelt and join us on “The Journey”.

We invite you to make a donation today by visiting

We can’t wait to see what’s to come.

All the best,

Valerie Bernard, Ph.D., Founder

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