Letter from the CEO

As the CEO and Founder of Donate4Change, I would like to welcome you to our website. We hope your online tour will be enjoyable and informative. Founded in 2016, Donate4Change partnered with the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) with the mission to support and strengthen non-profit performance. During an International Conference in Philadelphia in 2016, we learned about the impactful consulting work ISPI colleagues were providing for the Settlement Music School.

As a result of the pro bono consulting for the Settlement Music School, we saw an apparent need to continue the work in our communities of providing pro bono consulting.  Donate4Change was launched to raise financial resources for operational support so ISPI may continue providing pro bono consulting to non-profits. Under the Case Studies tab, read more and get inspired about the difference ISPI has made with this pro bono consulting project.

The inspiration for Donate4Change came from discussions with ISPI’s Board President, Klaus Wittkuhn, and Treasurer Jeff McElya, who appreciated the idea of using fundraising to make this wonderful idea take off as quickly as possible. ISPI will use their knowledge, skills, and experience to build capacity of non-profits that make a difference in our communities. And with your help this can be done much faster and on a much bigger scale than what ISPI can do alone.

We are difference-makers! We support and strengthen non-profits in improving performance and realizing organizational goals. We need YOU! Donate4Change will take a diverse team of global professionals and citizens who care about leaving a better world than they found.

Here is your chance to make history and create a positive impact.  It is a new way for you to be a catalyst for change.  Let the transformation begin with a gift of any size.

Contact us today at 304.941.4653 or at info@donate4change.com.

People + Passion + Knowledge + Resources = Non-profit Performance

Be part of the movement #Donate4Change.

Valerie Bernard, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder