Commit 2 Mastery™ describes the International Society for Performance Improvement’s approach to helping you take your career to the next level.

Our courses will help you build skills, confidence, and know-how in mastering the Art & Science of Performance Improvement. You will find offers that exactly meet your needs either as a new manager, a mid-level manager or as an instructional designer and trainer. In addition, we provide courses for Chief Learning Officers.  Commit 2 Mastery™ courses take a results focus and provide participants the proven tools and performance principles needed to achieve better results. You will find offers that exactly meet your needs either as a consultant, an education specialist, or a manager.

All courses meet the requirements for Certified Performance Technology (CPT) points to re-certify as a Certified Performance Technologist.

Current offerings include:


Principles & Practices of Performance Improvement – I

Principles & Practice of Performance Improvement – II

Education Specialists

What Every CLO Should Know About Performance

Taking a Performance to Instructional Design & Training


What Every Manager Should Know About Performance

The First 90 Days

For more information on our open-enrollment programs as well as our customized programs, please visit You may also reach us by email at  We would love to chat with you as well, so please feel free to contact Valerie at 304.941.4653 with any questions.