Our Story

For more than 50 years ISPI’s consultants have been working in more than 70 countries. They have been improving human and organization performance in such diverse organizations like governments, ministries, cities, local communities, associations, churches, hospitals, universities, schools, kindergartens, and companies of any size in any industry. Fortune 500 companies have been their clients as well as small businesses in small towns. The amount of expertise that has been compiled over these years and in these different projects is unique. ISPI makes it available through training courses, webinars, conferences, and consulting.

Donate4Change parterned with the International Society for Performance Improvement in April 2016 to combine experience and deliver consistent institutes, workshops, webinars, and certifications which are put into practice on a global scale.  The strength of combining the two brands is tied directly to the leadership of D4C and ISPI.  It is through a partnership with D4C that you and your organization will not only leverage the ideas and innovative thinking but have over 50 years of performance improvement consulting, knowledge, and expertise.  This brings opportunity to increase non-profit business results that address business challenges.

We uncovered an exceptional opportunity to continue the work we have done in our communities.  Most recently, ISPI consultants partnered with the Settlement Music School.  The results from this pro bono consulting project can be better understood by clicking the Case Study tab on this website.

As a result of the pro bono consulting for the Settlement Music School, we saw an apparent need to continue the work in our communities of providing pro bono consulting.  Donate4Change was launched to raise financial resources to continue providing pro bono consulting to non-profits.

There are many opportunities for you and your organization to become a part of Donate4Change.  The ISPI tab provides opportunities for you to learn more about becoming an individual or advocate member of ISPI.  In addition, you can learn about the Institutes and Certifications offered by ISPI consultants and faculty.

We welcome you to contact us for a free consultation or to discuss opportunities for you or your organization to support Donate4Change in providing pro bono consulting for non-profits and ISPI to learn more about membership, certifications, institutes, and opportunities to GET INVOLVED.