Donate4Change knows that PEOPLE Matter! Donate4Change knows Relationships Matter! We connect donors, non-profits and experts to build networks and combine their know-how and PASSION. We can proudly say we are helping to lead a Performance Improvement revolution in the way non-profits can grow and innovate.  We are further fueled by our KNOWLEDGE and PASSION for helping PEOPLE.  It is our desire to build a passionate audience around PEOPLE who can collaborate quickly and effectively on solutions to address today’s toughest challenges.  With built-in communities of performance improvement consultants, individuals, organizations, and donors who want to support and strengthen non-profit performance and who understand non-profits have opportunities to BE BETTER. Donate4Change, along with your support, is going to help the International Society for Performance Improvement make a difference in the non-profits who are serving PEOPLE and achieving social impact.  Because non-profits are spending so much time focused on bringing value to the PEOPLE they serve, sometimes protecting the non-profit itself becomes a challenge.  This is where Donate4Change and ISPI can make a difference along with your financial support.  Identifying the problem the non-profit is trying to solve and teaching them how to appropriately allocate resources and measure results helps non-profit to regain their distinctive role in serving the PEOPLE with common good more effectively.

Donate4Change relies on the generosity of PEOPLE just like you who are willing to reach out to support ISPI by helping PEOPLE and non-profits become more effective and efficient. When you contribute, you will not only be supporting a wonderful cause, you will also be supporting and strengthening non-profit performance that is also helping others.

PEOPLE who care bring PASSION!


Having PASSION for something Donate4Change believes is a great thing.  Having PASSION for performance is something Donate4Change and ISPI team members live every day.  PEOPLE who work in non-profits put their heart into it. So do ISPI consultants. All of them are willing to contribute their expertise to make the world a better place. Their heart beats for a bigger purpose, and they are willing to provide pro bono consulting for non-profits. PEOPLE who put their expertise and their heart into what they do have PASSION. Our consultants ignite the PASSION for performance in all organizations they serve.

Our goal is that our ideas and PASSION for performance and results come together to make each non-profit we serve have even better results. For non-profits who entrust us with their challenges and business issues, we offer insights to clients, root cause analysis and suggestions on how to “BE BETTER.” For our donors, we are committed to understanding your PASSION, your values, your background, and your interests to see if we can help you reach your mission as well.

Donate4Change and ISPI are PASSIONate about identifying top experts for each non-profit.

Doante4Change and ISPI are PASSIONate about clear, concrete, intelligent, and rigorously pursued performance and have an unwavering commitment to high performance in difficult situations.

Donate4Change is PASSIONate about raising the needed financial resources to help the International Society for Performance Improvement reach its goals.

If what you have read and heard so far ignites your PASSION, we are asking you to partner with Donate4Change and support ISPI with a financial contribution.



Donate4Change considers it a privilege to assist the International Society for Performance Improvement in supporting and strengthening non-profit performance through the process of raising financial resources.

Non-profits are built around specific KNOWLEDGE. Helping non-profits to improve means broadening their KNOWLEDGE base. The International Society for Performance improvement (ISPI) has been building a group of more than 1700 experts and professionals from many fields, with diverse geographical representation and expertise who are willing to contribute their KNOWLEDGE. Thought leaders in the field of Human Performance Improvement who specialize in the area will bring over 50 years of KNOWLEDGE focused on helping non-profits “BE BETTER.”  We have identified many qualified experts with KNOWLEDGE and PASSION, for helping PEOPLE and organizations improve their performance.  When thinking about where to invest your money, no such resource exists in the non-profit sectors with such an elite group of performance consultants committed to impacting non-profits in a positive way than the members and leadership of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Donate4Change supports ISPI in reaching its financial goals to provide pro bono consulting to support and strengthen non-profits.

Getting expert advice can be challenging in and of itself.  Getting expert advice for free can be an even bigger challenge; however, we believe the expert is not only the pro bono consultant, but it is YOU.  We do not believe that one perspective is more accurate than the other.  We believe all perspectives add value and represent well-informed views of the current situation of the non-profit world.  We believe at the heart of making a difference, it will take the consultants view point and KNOWLEDGE as well as the current and future donors’ viewpoint and KNOWLEDGE to make an impact. We invite you to bring your KNOWLEDGE and viewpoints to our journey too!

Non-profits organizations are an essential part of every community, and at the heart of Donate4Change are the PASSIONate staff, friends, volunteers, and donors who donate time and talent day in and day out and who bring KNOWLEDGE and expertise to the non-profits we serve.

Tris Lumley, head of strategy for the London-based New Philanthropy Capital, “Great organizations … are built around great data. Data that [allow] them to understand the needs they address, what activities are likely to best address these needs, what actually happens as a result of these activities, and how to allocate resources and tweak what they do for even greater impact. Too often, funders set the agenda with their own requirements [and] cripple the organizations they’re trying to help.” No matter how big or how small the non-profit attempts to define outcomes can be challenging.  With YOUR support Donate4Change and ISPI can help!

Having a performance culture itself, Donate4Change and ISPI are positioned to lead the transition for non-profits in managing to outcomes.  It is with KNOWLEDGE and PASSION that Donate4Change is partnering with ISPI to help non-profits move in a direction that builds outcome-oriented non-profits while partnering with forward-thinking donors who want to be a part of this process.

Joining together is beginning the journey.  Working together is progressing on the journey. Solving together is success on the journey.



KNOWLEDGE and PASSION need structures and resources to capitalize on their strengths. We channel PEOPLE’s expertise to support non-profit organizations in understanding the value of structures and how to use resources efficiently thus helping them to organize themselves so they can grow, innovate, and continuously drive performance.

Donate4Change relies on the generosity of PEOPLE just like you who are willing to reach out to support ISPI by helping PEOPLE and non-profits become more effective and efficient. When you contribute, you will not only be supporting a wonderful cause, you will also be supporting and strengthening non-profit performance that is also helping others.

Doante4Change knows the power of PEOPLE helping PEOPLE, and we ask you to join our team!